Shopping and Errands

Help with Shopping and Errands

Shopping for everyday items takes time and energy. Many of us don’t want to spend our days waiting in line, searching multiple stores for scarce items, tracking online orders and returning unwanted packages.

What if you could rely on a Lifestyle Coordinator to manage the tasks that take up the majority of your day? Having someone who knows what you want and need in your home is invaluable. Someone who can carefully and efficiently complete all the tasks on your To Do list and still have time to organize everything when they return to your home after shopping on your behalf.

We rely on vendors to supply the goods and services we need. It only makes sense to have a steady partner to drop off and pick up important items for you at home.

Your handpicked Lifestyle Coordinator will take care of all your personalized shopping needs, freeing you up to have more time and less stress in your day. Call us to help take the weight off your shoulders. We can help in the following areas and so much more…

  • Groceries and household supplies
  • Clothing and accessories
  • Furniture and appliances
  • Return items you ordered, coordinate refunds
  • Place and track online orders
  • Prescription pickups
  • Laundry, tailor and dry cleaning
  • Letters and packages at USPS, UPS & FedEx
  • Donation drop-offs and pick-ups of clothes and furniture
  • Shopping for Special Occasions & Gatherings

Scheduling and Appointments

Scheduling and AppointmentsThink about all the time it takes to schedule appointments to visit the doctor, dentist, hair stylist, or massage therapist? How about all the time it takes to find tickets to a concert, musical or sporting event? Or reserving airline tickets, hotel accommodations or transportation? It all adds up. And no matter how hard we try, it never seems to go as planned.
We’re told these services can be hassle-free. But the simple truth is that there are always hassles. The trick to reducing your stress over these matters is to delegate these tasks to a steady and loyal partner. Someone who can essentially serve as your executive assistant.
Your handpicked Lifestyle Coordinator will take care of scheduling appointments and services that you need in place – whether you’re home or out of town. It’s a lot to manage by yourself. We get it. That’s why our Lifestyle Coordinators are carefully screened and trained to know how to get on a doctor’s calendar, how to secure an upgrade on an airline, how to book hotels that are near the places you’re visiting, how to get reservations to a popular restaurant, and how to secure tickets to an event you absolutely must attend. You set the priorities, we follow them. It’s the perfect solution to managing these complicated responsibilities. And it will free up your time for more important things in your day.
If you or your loved ones need assistance with scheduling appointments, transportation, deliveries, pet care, or vehicle services, choosing a Lifestyle Coordinator is the perfect solution for you. Our coordinators will simplify your daily tasks by handling all your scheduling needs. Call us to help take the weight off your shoulders. We can help in the following areas and so much more…

  • Schedule appointments to doctor, spa, hair & nail salon
  • Gourmet meal arrangement
  • Senior check-ins as often as needed
  • Arrange for pet care
  • Arrange for transportation services
  • Schedule and coordinate home deliveries and home services
  • Coordinate vehicle for routine service, oil change or car wash
  • Coordinate detailing appointments, vehicle inspections or DMV visits
  • Notarize documents
  • Research special interests – resorts, events, tours, local restaurants
  • Coordinate tickets to concerts, movies, theatre, and sporting events
  • Airline, hotel and car rental reservations
  • Research vacation destinations and coordinate reservations
  • Arrange for personal enrichment courses in topics of interest

Concierge At Home

Concierge At Home Home is where the heart is. From the moment we move in, we find ways to turn a house into a home – full of love, warmth and joy. But we also add clutter, along with repair work from the usual wear and tear of using a house. We make lists on ways to keep our home in order. Mowing the lawn in time for summer, cleaning out closets, replacing water fixtures to avoid expensive leaks, converting to LED light fixtures to save on energy costs, treating a pool with proper chemicals, hiring a contractor to install new kitchen cabinets. And yet, we still need to figure out who is going to handle the grocery shopping, meal preparation and clean-up.
Let’s face it. With all the work that needs to be done around the house, it’s so easy to fall behind. There just doesn’t seem enough time in the day to get it all done. Wouldn’t it be easier to have a trusted confidant who can help you manage the many tasks that need to be done?
Your handpicked Lifestyle Coordinator can handle overseeing any projects you need to finish around the house. They are closed trained to carefully manage house projects and individual vendors – from utilizing our exclusive lists of pre-approved vendors to scheduling the work when it’s convenient for you vendors, making sure that everything is completed when and how you want it.
Let us help you get a better grip on the housework you need to get done. You will always be in control of the priorities, the budget and the logistics. But having a trusted advisor at your side to help coordinate these projects will take a huge weight off your shoulders.
Living at home should be a source of pleasure, not an area of stress. We can help in the following areas and so much more…

  • Organize house projects – closets, wardrobes, pantries, kitchen cabinets, furniture, fixtures
  • Coordinate vendors for maintenance, repairs and installations – landscaper, plumber, electrician, pool maintenance, house cleaning, TVs and sound systems, Ethernet wiring for WiFi/Internet, movers
  • Arrange logistics for moving in or out of a house (packing or unpacking)
  • Assist with purchasing technology (computer, tablet and smartphone) and set up for use at home
  • Assist with learning to use social media platforms and software programs for use at home
  • Arrange for grocery shopping and meal planning on a routine basis
  • Arrange for meal deliveries and in-home chef services
  • Manage mail and pay house bills

Special Occasions

Special OccasionsPlanning a special event requires considerable time out of your busy schedule. But these are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to make these gatherings especially memorable. Why not rely on someone who understands how to help you with every important detail? Someone who can be a steady partner with you and your family in planning the perfect occasion.
Our Lifestyle Coordinators can essentially serve as your personal assistant – whether it’s securing a venue, interviewing or hiring vendors, choosing decorations, planning menus, managing the RSVP list, ordering supplies and party favors, or helping family members shop for the perfect attire.
We can help with all kinds of special occasions – milestone birthdays and anniversaries, ordering supplies and party favors, or even shopping for event attire to ensure that you are looking your very best. We fill in the gaps, so you not only plan the perfect gathering, but you get to enjoy it as well.
Here are some ideas that might help to have a Lifestyle Coordinator at your side:

  • Hiring and coordinating vendors
  • Sending invitations and managing RSVPs
  • Shopping for special attire
  • Setting up Christmas decorations
  • Coordinating Thanksgiving dinner plans
  • Planning Parties for Graduation, Birthdays, and Anniversaries
  • Organizing Mother’s Day & Father’s Day brunch
  • Accupuncture
  • Nutritionist
  • Spa Treatments / Manicure / Pedicure
  • Skin / Hair Care
  • Music Therapy
  • Spiritual Passages / Daily Devotional
  • Pet Therapy
  • Horticultural and gardening group