Yoga, meditation, spa retreats, vacation – these activities are all supposed to be relaxing, yet many people stress over the scheduling and planning of these activities! Look no further, with the help of our Lifestyle Coordinators, you can relax from start to finish, leaving them with tasks such as subscribing you to your local gym, arranging travel transportation, assisting with religious services, and more!
Think about all the time it takes to schedule appointments to visit the doctor, dentist, hair stylist, or massage therapist? How about all the time it takes to find tickets to a concert, musical or sporting event? Or reserving airline tickets, hotel accommodations or transportation? It all adds up. And no matter how hard we try, it never seems to go as planned.
We’re told these services can be hassle-free. But the simple truth is that there are always hassles. The trick to reducing your stress over these matters is to delegate these tasks to a steady and loyal partner. Someone who can essentially serve as your executive assistant.
Your handpicked Lifestyle Coordinator will take care of scheduling appointments and services that you need in place – whether you’re home or out of town. It’s a lot to manage by yourself. We get it. That’s why our Lifestyle Coordinators