Seniors are embracing technology at a record clip, buying a wide range of desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smart phones, smart watches and convenient devices.

In senior living, we have seen so many examples of technology helping to facilitate independence, engagement, comfort and safety. But it’s always challenging to learn how to operate these complex devices, and sometimes it can be frustrating without the right level of support at your side.

This is where our Lifestyle Coordinators have been incredibly helpful to our seniors — identifying the right devices to suit our clients’ needs, handling the entire setup process and helping our clients learn to use them as intended. This extra support has only increased their confidence in being able to keep up with friends and family, making them more engaged in a fast-changing world.

Here’s a perfect example. One of our Lifestyle Coordinators escorted a client to the Apple store to upgrade her iPhone. It’s usually an overwhelming experience to get tech support from a salesperson in their 20’s with far more experience operating these devices. Some seniors would simply be inclined to leave the store. But our Lifestyle Coordinator was able to diffuse the situation and serve as a mediator, helping the client leave the store that day with a new smart phone that best served her needs.

Over the next few days, our Lifestyle Coordinator helped our client learn how to use the phone effectively to connect more regularly with loved ones. That’s an empowering moment, and it can be equally powerful for your loved one too. Incidentally, this client is now taking virtual classes through an online university and using a wide range of technologies with confidence and independence. Sometimes a little patience and a steady hand can go a long way.

Please contact Elina at 201-445-6972 to discuss how we can help your loved one embrace technology to fit their lifestyle goals.