As we approach 70 years of family ownership in senior care, we decided to introduce a new line of service for New Jersey families.

This signature service started as families approached us about providing them with extra support at home. They were looking for a personal assistant to help with shopping and errands, scheduling appointments, making dinner reservations, arranging travel plans, organizing things around the house, hosting social gatherings, and providing extra support for aging parents.

That’s when we began to recruit and train our Lifestyle Coordinators. They are truly amazing. So versatile, organized, warm, enthusiastic and fun. We all deserve a little support, and they’re just so good at solving problems.

Our experts are available to provide the solutions you and your family deserve.

We consider you part of our family, and we welcome you to experience what sets us apart.


Bob Van Dyk, President & CEO
Elizabeth Van Dyk

Bob and Elizabeth Van Dyk
Christine Sanchez

Christine Sanchez

Executive Director of Concierge Services

As executive director of My Personal Concierge, Christine Sanchez oversees all areas of customer service, business development, marketing, staffing, strategic partnerships and regulatory compliance.

She has served in a leadership role in home care since 2010, previously as a Regional Director. Christine believes strongly in building talented leaders within an organization — a core value of the Van Dyk family for decades.

Her sincere desire to make a positive impact on families and colleagues is felt at all times. Christine earned a bachelor of arts degree in communication from Rutgers University.

Elina Polyakov

Elina Polyakov

Director of Concierge Services

Elina oversees the development of our concierge services, as well as the selection and training of our Lifestyle Coordinators. She has over 12 years of experience providing social work and concierge services to seniors living at home.

Her primary focus is on customer satisfaction and her motto is to do “whatever it takes” to ensure the clients are well cared for and happy while preserving their dignity and independence. Elina provides regular home visits, performs assessments and offers supportive counseling.

Elina holds a master’s degree in social work from Columbia University School of Social Work and has a strong background in psychotherapy bringing these much-needed skills to her current role. She is passionate about her profession, and she treasures every moment and every interaction she has with her clients and their families.

Getting Selfie Help

Our Lifestyle Coordinators

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We carefully match our clients with Lifestyle Coordinators who not only offer the right skills, but also the right personality. It’s so important to us, and hopefully to you, to find the right fit.

We have coordinators who have worked in a wide range of professional roles – life coach, educator, standup comedian, executive chef, beauty and skin care expert, activities specialist, and many more.

Every Lifestyle Coordinator at My Personal Concierge has a genuine desire to help enrich the lives of our valued clients.